Focus on the Lash Lift & Tint – Everything you need to know (and why we prefer it to extensions!)

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If you want the wide eyed, defined look of lash extensions but without the damage and costly infills, then the lash lift & tint could well be your new favourite treatment!

Following the popularity of lash extensions in recent years, the lash lift is becoming increasingly favoured. This is due to its ability to give you lashes with the “Wow” factor, without the upkeep, infills and lash loss associated with having extensions on an ongoing basis.

What is a Lash Lift?

Simply put, a lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. The treatment works to enhance your natural lashes, giving them a longer, more defined appearance which leaves you looking wide eyed and refreshed.

What happens during the treatment?

The treatment it’s self is a relaxing one, in fact several of our clients have dozed off during the process! The whole treatment takes between an hour and 90 minutes depending on the client.
First your lashes will be cleansed and separated, then a silicon shield is gently stuck to your eyelid. Adhesive is applied on top of the shield and then the lashes are combed in to place. A perming solution is then applied and left on for up to 14 minutes. After this a setting solution is applied to lock in the shape.
The tint is then applied and will be left on for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the health of the lashes. This is then rinsed off and a nourishing oil conditioner is combed through to add moisture back in to the lashes.

How long do results last?
Between 6 – 8 weeks on most clients, perfect for when you have lots of events or special occasions coming up. We also treat a lot of people who suffer with hayfever who don’t want to apply make up in the summer months.

How much does it cost?
The normal price is £40 but for February 2019 you can enjoy the discounted price of £30 Monday to Friday

How should I prepare for my appointment?
It’s best to wear no makeup on the day of your appointment, but we can provide you with makeup remover if needed. A patch test is required for all lash lifting appointments at least 48 hours prior to treatment

What about after care?
Lash lifts are very low maintenance! No sleeping in certain positions required! However, you do need to be careful for the first 24 hours after treatment as the lashes will still be setting in to their new shape. You will need to avoid getting lashes wet during this period and also wait this length of time before applying mascara – although you are unlikely to need it anyway!

Want to know more? Give us a call on 01884 250023 or pop in for a patch test and consultation – you won’t look back!