Say Hello to the amazing Lumispa!

It’s not often we add a new product to our retail range here at Five Cedars, this is because we only believe in selling things to our customers which we know will be of the best quality and give them the results they deserve. Our team have recently tried out the Lumispa from NuSkin and we can confirm that it is a game changer for your skin!

Particularly now, when we still aren’t able to perform our wonderful facials, or for keeping your skin in perfect condition between salon visits, the Lumispa is the finest in at home skincare tools.

Customer feedback so far has been unanimously positive. The Lumispa has so many benefits, our clients are finding that their usual skincare products are sinking in much more and having a much more profound effect at home when combined with using the device. It’s also very hygienic with its removal silicone head, which makes it very easy to keep clean. Plus it’s sleek and stylish design means it looks beautiful in your bathroom.

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What is the Lumispa?

The Lumispa is a handheld skincare device. Used with the specially formulated activating cleanser, the Lumispa is waterproof, cordless, rechargeable and comes with a gentle silicon removable head.

What does it do?

With its oscillating head, the Lumispa opens and closes the pores, removing dead skin cells, blackheads and reduces the appearance of large pores. Its movement also helps massage and de-stress the face, which promotes an increase in collagen production and skin renewal. Leaving the skin looking and feeling healthier and more youthful in just two weeks. The Lumispa comes with a cleanser specific to your skin type, which has anti-ageing properties, helping plump out any fine lines and wrinkles. The silicon head is made up of anti-microbial silver, which makes it very easy to clean and prevents any build-up of bacteria. It can also remove a full face of makeup.

How do you use the Lumispa?

Simply dampen your face and neck with water or the NuSkin Moisturising Mist. Apply a pea sized amount of cleanser onto cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and neck. Turn on the Lumispa and gently move in a lymph drainage motion, making sure you are not pressing too hard. At each 30 second interval, the Lumispa with pause for a couple of seconds which indicates you move to another area on your face. After 2 minutes the Lumispa will stop, simply pop the head off and wash under hot water. Rinse your face with a flannel then apply NuSkin Ideal Brightening Eye cream or an eye cream of your choice and moisturiser. You will be left with brighter, smoother skin.

7 Benefits in just 2 minutes

Reduced pores, skin smoothing, profound cleansing, refreshed look, radiance, softness and clarity.

lumi spa results

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